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Eyebrow microblading has become the hottest permanent makeup trend among ladies who are looking to enhance their beauty. It can be considered as one of the safest and effective methods available for anyone who wants to make their eyebrows look full. 

Here is a list of some of the most prominent benefits that are associated with eyebrow microblading.

1. Cut back on time!
It takes us so long to fill in and shape your eyebrows every morning – with microblading, you typically only have to sit through one session to receive amazing results! We’d all love to wake up and have one less thing to worry about in our routine!
2. It can deliver a natural looking eyebrow and lasts 1-2 years
Eyebrow microblading is powerful enough to deliver natural looking eyebrows. This can be considered the main reason why this technique is recommended for individuals who are suffering from hair loss or skin diseases such as alopecia, and cancer patients who have lost eyebrows due to chemotherapy,
3. It doesn’t smear off or smudge
Eyebrow microblading technique has the ability to permanently implant pigments to the skin. With this semi-permanent cosmetic procedure, you don’t have to stress about your workout smearing off your eyebrow, eyeliner, or lip makeup. Get active and be proud of your perfect brows 24/7!
4. The microblading session takes 2 hours to complete!
you don’t need to go through any hassle in order to get eyebrow microblading done. It takes 2 hours for you to go through the entire procedure with no downtime.
5. You can get it done right here locally in Fort Pierce Florida
Here at Expression Brow Studio, I am your certified and licensed permanent makeup artist that would love to help you get your perfect eyebrows. Just give me a call to set up an appointment!

Microblading has become a popular cosmetic option for a reason – with so little downtime and big results, why wouldn’t you get it done?! If you are ready to schedule an appointment or have questions about the organic pigments I use for the treatment, give me a call at 561-674-3135 or book online

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